"Swarm Intelligence unfolds the materiality of the internet and our technology’s entanglement with animal and plant life in material as well as immaterial ways. Taking point of departure in the internet infrastructure of global sea-cables the artwork is woven in optic fiber (internet cable) and seaweed-dyed yarn. The woven pattern and the light signals that run thorugh the pattern comprise a so called Particle Swarm Optimization algorithm. This kind of swarm algorithm is used to optimize the distribution of data over the internet by mimicking bees and other swarm insects’ communication and forraging behavoir."

Honey Biba Beckerlee
My primary task was developing and producing the custom-made LED illumination system and the fiber optic fixture for the artwork, while the software driving the dynamic grid of over six hundred side glow fibers was co-developed with fellow creative technologist, Albert Moebius.

Artwork & Concept
Honey Biba Beckerlee

Lighting Design 
 Imre Mark Petkov

Software Developer
Albert Moebius
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