The work is a solar-powered, data-driven public light installation, commissioned by Helsingør Municipality (DK), installed in Thomas Nielsens Passage behind Kulturværftet, Helsingør's landmark culture center, and library among the industrial halls of the old shipyard.

The installation consists of three sculptural light fixtures hovering suspended above the street, powered by a custom-built solar array. Using a specially designed web app to track the timing and distinct stages of the sunset, the installations' dynamic lights synergize and complement the shifting colors of the Nordic twilight.
The design of its sculptural elements pays homage to both the angular forms of the Kulturværftet's parametric façade as well as its historical industrial setting.
Through light and shape, the installation creates an artistic link between both the natural and the built environment.

Pre-launch exhibition at CLICK Festival 2018

Pre-launch exhibition at CLICK Festival 2018

Software testing before the pre-launch, 2018

Constructing the frames, 2018

View from the street, work-in-progress 2019

The roof mounted solar array

View from the street, launch event 2019


Project Coordinator
Majken Overgaard (CATCH)

Team Lead
Imre Mark Petkov

Concept & Design
Imre Mark Petkov
Mads Deibjerg Lind

Imre Mark Petkov
Mads Deibjerg Lind


Mathias Bredholt (Software)
Megha Rao
(Energy Storage)
Shagai Gansukh (Photonics)
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