"Nornir wall clock combines art and functionality. It is an op-art inspired wall clock where instead of hands, plates rotate. Although it has a simple geometry, the plates create varying patterns during the day as they slowly rotate on each other with the passing of time. Just as time, it is an ever-changing piece of art.
The clock is 50 cm in diameter and consist of two circular plates cut in a concentric U shape pattern with the larger plate indicating the minutes and smaller one the hours. The direction of the pattern on the plates shows the current time. The cuts make a perfect moiré effect when the plates rotate on each other. The plates in the prototype are made of plywood and painted black. Its clean lines and eye-catching nature makes Nornir wall clock a unique and memorable accessory to the modern minimalistic home."

Zsuzsanna Horvath

NORNIR wall clock, by Zsuzsanna Horvath (2021)

My assignment was to develop the first three exhibition prototypes for the 2021 Milan Design Week. This included an iterative rapid prototyping process followed by designing the chassis and the mechanical components using Rhino3D, parametrically adjusting the patterns of the front plates in Grasshopper, designing and programming the electronics (ESP32 driven stepper motors), and finally the production and assembly of the exhibition prototypes.

For more information on the product, visit zsuzsannahorvath.com

Assembling the first prototype

Render by Zsuzsanna Horvath (2021)


Design & Images
 Zsuzsanna Horvath
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