"AKLL is a deconstructed rom-com, a techno musical, that dissects the Western notion of 'true love' from within; blending guilty pleasures with critical thought, cringe with catharsis, and alienation with raw emotion. Through the mantra nothing is universal, the performance invites the audience on a journey in a world of augmented reality, intimidating intimacy, deconstructed clichés, divorced body parts, heartfelt electronic music, and love tirades. 

​CuntsCollective delves into the Euro-centric and American-influenced heteronormaitive ideals of love, unraveling the social norms, gender roles, structures, and hierarchies, perpetuated by popular culture with equal measures of compassion and auto-irony."


Background image for poster and other promo material, rendered in Cycles, Blender 2.9

The performance is accompanied by audio-reactive and midi-controlled "kitschy-glitchy" live 3D visuals. I designed in TouchDesigner, primarily based on 3D scans of the performer's naked bodies, to act as their digital avatars on stage. The visuals use pre-rendered footage of (poorly!) rigged animation created in Blender and generative visuals rendered live in TouchDesigner. To emphasize the cognitive dissonance of the characters on stage, I fully embraced the uncanny potential of "bad" computer graphics, creating a visual backdrop of animation rife with clipping, disjointed anatomy, and glitches. 

For more information on the show, visit cunstscollective.com

Physics based ragdoll-animation, rendered in Cycles, Blender 2.9

Still from the finished performance, video projection by Naia Burucoa

Still from the finished performance

Still from rehearsals, work-in-progress visuals


 Karoline Clasen Holland

Siri Maj Knutsen

Tone Haldrup Lorenzen

 Daniel Paiva de Miranda

Sound Design & Music
 Zack Christ

Multimedia Artist

Imre Mark Petkov

Lighting Design & Video Artist

Naia Burucoa
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